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Another Chance

In a fellowship somewhere in Richmond, an elderly woman, let’s call her Sister Mary, was struggling with her peanut butter business. She could not buy the necessary materials she needed to make the produce. A young man who was praying for an opportunity to do business saw a need in Sister Mary’s life and so he drafted a business plan. He had everything figured out so well. Any business professional would tell you the young man was on the right path and that the plan was going to be a success.

He was happy about it because he was on the verge of seeing his dream come true. He had always dreamed of touching people’s lives in a positive way. He was going to invest his brains and the two thousand dollars he had saved over the past five months in a worthy cause. In his mind, he had foreseen sister Mary grow from making twenty tins of peanut butter a week to making hundreds. He was also happy that he now understood the angelic language of the soul, something he had always desired to do. The language that communicated without words yet his heart vividly fathomed every silent conversation. It was the voice that showed him the need in Sister Mary’s life and gave him the grace to come up with an excellent business plan. He knew that voice so well.

Sister Mary looked discouraged; her eyes were full of fear and uncertainty. “I’m sorry, please find it in your heart to forgive me and reconsider your offer,” she pleaded with the young man at the park where they sat. There was silence between them. As the wind whispered and the orange leaves fell onto the ground, the young man thought of how Sister Mary had rejected his proposal. She had instead opted to go for a bank loan, which now she wasn’t able to payback. “It was pride,” she said interrupting his thoughts. “I didn’t want to be perceived as a failure by receiving help from such a young person like you but now I’m desperate, I’m drowned in debt so bad that I’m contemplating selling one of my kidneys to salvage myself” she said tears in her blue eyes.

The boy was sad seeing sister Mary in such a state. He took her hands in his and made a prayer. He asked the God who had spoken to his heart in the heavenly language to make a way for Sister Mary.

See, most often times in life, opportunities don’t come packaged in a way that is familiar to us and so we end up missing out on lifetime opportunities that would have made a significance in our lives because we made the mistake of judging the wrapper that the opportunity came wrapped in.

Psalm 68:19 (NKJV) Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, The God of our salvation! Selah

God is in the business of daily loading us with benefits. It is not a once in a month kind of thing nor is it when he wakes up and feels like He should bless someone. He daily loads us with benefits. These benefits are the opportunities He presents to us. An opportunity to change our lives, an opportunity in terms of an answered prayer, networking opportunities or even an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else because God provides for His children through His children. With all the opportunities that life presents to us, like Sister Mary, we miss them and we goof. We misjudge and sometimes we allow our pride to overshadow our judgement, but how gracious is our God, He never gives up on us.

The day after the young man had prayed together with Sister Mary, her younger brother called her and asked her how she was doing. At the end of the conversation, sister Mary’s younger brother surprised her by saying he was sending her some money. The money he sent was enough to settle Sister Mary’s loans and every other debt she had. She still had enough money to continue with the business.

See, we are on the last month of the year and along the way, we have made mistakes. We have missed opportunities that came our way. However, God is not just a God of second chances; He is the God of another chance. It don’t matter how bad we have goofed, it just matters that we be sensitive and discern the next opportunities God will bring our way.

Don’t give up on yourself child of God, because another chance is in the offing, just don’t miss it.

God bless you and see you in 2019. Shalom!

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