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Behind the Scenes

The book of Esther was written in Persia (the current Iran) to address the people who had not returned to the Holy land after the exile in Babylon. It is a story of God’s redemptive power.

Esther a young beautiful Jewish girl is chosen to replace queen Vashti who had been banned from king Xerxes palace for disobeying the king. Xerxes was attracted to Esther and she found favor in the king’s eyes. How a poor, orphaned Jewish girl would rise to be queen in a foreign country remains to be a mystery. Meanwhile; Mordecai, Esther’s cousin who was sitting at the king’s gate, uncovered a conspiracy by Bigthana and Teresh to assassinate the king, he told Esther about it and Esther in turn told the king. This is recorded in the book of remembrance and nothing much is done about it.

Isn’t that the story of our lives sometimes? We work so hard yet the reward seems so insignificant. Mordecai could easily have become bitter with the government of the day. How do you uncover a plot to assassinate the king, how do you literally save the king’s life yet the only thing that is done is for the act to be recorded in the book of remembrance?

The intriguing thing about the book of Esther is that the name God, Jesus is not mentioned anywhere in the book yet we see so many great things happening in this book that can only be attributed to God. In as much as Mordecai is not rewarded immediately for saving the king’s life, God causes king Xerxes to be disturbed. While Haman is plotting to kill Mordecai and the Jews because he hated them, king Xerxes is reading the book of remembrance because he couldn't sleep. He lands at the place where it is recorded that Mordecai saved his life. “Was there anything done for this guy for saving the king’s life?” he asks his lieutenants. “Nothing was done for the man who saved the king’s life” they answer.

In a turn of events, Haman the same guy who hated Mordecai, is made to ride Mordecai in the king’s chariot around the city shouting “this is what is done to the man whom the king is well pleased with.” Later on, Haman is hanged on the same gallows he had prepared to annihilate Mordecai. See, when you do good to people, you might not receive an immediate reward like you’d wish for not because God is an unfair God but because He is setting you up for greater glory. Mordecai receives the kind of honor no one had ever received in Persia, the Jews are saved as a result, Haman his adversary is brought to naught later king Xerxes makes Mordecai second in command to him. Realize this brothers and sisters; God always looks at the bigger picture. It might delay, but the reward surely comes and when it comes, it comes in a big way.

Here’s the thing child of God, there are times in life when we will get to a point where we don’t feel God around us. We don’t see Him doing something, we don’t hear His name being mentioned anywhere yet like in the events that take place in the book of Esther, we can confidently tell God was right there with the Jews.

Matthew 28:20 ……..And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Like the man or the woman behind the camera, we don't see them, yet their presence is crucial in the production of the movie. They see every tiny little detail through the eye of the lens, they're always there from the beginning to the very end. That's how God sometimes works in our lives.

In this walk of life, even when you can’t see God through your tribulations, even when you can’t see His name anywhere and you can’t hear his name being mentioned anywhere, when it feels like He's not listening, it is still safe to know that God is at work

Child of God, behind the scenes

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