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Broken Vessels

Fire has a rhythm all its own

The tiny spark that seem to falter As if it hesitates

Before bursting into flame, Captivating

Its light is a revelation it is untamed but not savage

For a moment a fire appears unconquerable

It’s quenching unfathomable

And then it is done

It bows its head and retreats humbly from the tatters

Taking the form of one defeated, Broken, Shrouded

A smouldering and the entombed

But inside, the promise of life waits

A hope hidden in amber form

That whispers Salvation

How then might we frame in mere words?

This great love by what means

Express the extravagance of a God

Who would chose to dress Himself

In the brokenness of human flesh

For salvation’s sake

Grace Grace

The only possible description

Of a love so very undeserved

Extended to the broken and the shattered

Only in grace can we find any sense

He bowed his head obedient to death

And won victory beyond the cross

That all who calls on his name might be saved

avatar 3 Jul 2014   05:17 pm Written by Tim Mjete
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