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Some of the best opportunities in life involve risk - the very real possibility of rejection, embarrassment, or failure. It takes a lot of courage to roll the dice and face the possible consequences. Those who choose to pursue those opportunities usually face no shortage of discouragers - people inclined to rain on their parade and argue that something can’t be done or shouldn’t be tried. These doom-and-gloom promoters can be pretty persuasive, especially if there’s no one to counter their influence.

Faith is not a feeling that one should say I feel like or I don’t feel like. Faith is a conviction that says whether I see it or not I know it shall come to pass. God is the author of our faith. He is daily writing the story of our lives with his ink of grace.

Grace is:

G - God's

R - Riches

A - At

C - Christ's

E - Expense

This is the reason Mathew 6:33 says seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Grace is seeking the one who holds the blessing in His hand more than seeking the blessing.

When you know it is not the connections you have that gave you that job, when you know it is not the good looks that gave you the partner you have, when you know it is not the papers you have or the money you got in your account that brought you where you are, then you know it is grace.

Like Joseph before Pharaoh, It is grace that brings ordinary men before kings and causes them to find favour.

Like Paul and Silas, beaten up, wounded and locked up in the prison cells, it is grace that causes one to overlook the torture and just rejoice, singing praises to God in the dead of the night.

Grace does not deny the existence of trouble. Like Paul with the thorn in his flesh, when we cry God, this is too much to handle, He lovingly extends His hand to our shoulder and assuredly says “My grace is sufficient”.

Grace says,

In the sorrows

In the hardship

In the pain

Though the mountains crumble and the oceans rage

And war against my soul the devil may rage

Though the tempest turns my smile upside down

And my life like a river of sorrow in which I drown

Yet will I stand; unshaken

For as long as it lasts.

Grace understands that it is not a matter of IF God comes through, it is rather a matter of WHEN God will come through, because faithful is He who that has promised. God does not promise for the sake of it, He is not a man to promise us things He cannot deliver. His promises are yeah and Amen.

May God’s grace abound.

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