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If there is something the devil is daily trying to perfect, it is the art of discouraging God’s children. He will go to any extent to make sure you lose focus of the things God has destined for you and concentrate on your surroundings. Simon Peter in Matthew 14:28-29 was doing just fine walking on water towards Jesus, until he shifted His focus from Jesus to the stormy sea, and that is where he started drowning.

We talked about discouragement in my previous article #StayOnCourse. We said discouragement is so bold. It does not know a palace or a shack. It does not distinguish between a king and a pauper. Discouragement can hide behind make-up, clothes and at times even behind a smile. Discouragement will either catch a ride with you on your way to work or on your way back home. We all at one point in life have had moments when we felt like giving up and walk away. That’s just how daring discouragement can be.

1 Kings 20:23 And the servants of the king of Syria said unto him, Their gods are gods of the hills; therefore they were stronger than we; but let us fight against them in the plain, and surely we shall be stronger than they.

One of the lies of the enemy is that you only love God because you're on the mountains, because your business is doing well, because your marriage is bliss, because your boyfriend never forgets to daily send goodnight and good morning texts, because you have the most loving faithful girlfriend, because you take tea with enough sugar in it, because life is good to you. But when you're in the valleys, when the world seems to frown at you, when business is down, when life is crazy, when nothing seems to go the way you’d like it to go, when your children are rebellious, when girlfriend walks out on you, when you are forced to fast because you have no food in the house, when husband becomes abusive, when you don’t have money or a decent roof over your head, Satan is convinced you won't love God as much.

How about you catch the devil by surprise! When you are in the valleys, at the lowest point of your life, whining is easy, getting discouraged is a piece of cake, complaining is a walk in the park and murmuring poses no challenge. Today I challenge us to do something more challenging like going against the odds. Praising God when Satan least expects.

No matter how bad life beats you up, always gather up yourself, encourage yourself and seek God, if not for anything else just to embarrass the devil. Sometimes you have to prove to the enemy that you can still love God even in the valleys. If not for anything child of God, love Him for who He is. The same God, who was gracious to you on the mountains, is still God even in the valleys.

Look at the trees, the thousands of the species of the fish of the waters, the creation of this earth, look at the beautiful faces of the people around you, I mean God created all that. God is so creative, that seven billion people on planet earth and still counting yet He still hasn't run out of fingerprints patterns. The secret to beating discouragement is to bring to remembrance the days on the mountain.

Remember His goodness and love and mercies to you, nothing changes God, your circumstances do not and cannot change Him. He is forever the same. God does not wake up with feelings!

If you can walk convinced, with the revelation of what God says over your life, then you can walk secure.

Child of God, Remember!

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