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Tell The Righteous

Isaiah 3:10 [NIV] Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.

No Love Like This

As a sinner in need of a savior, on the old wooden rugged cross at Calvary, His love chased me down in merciful pursuit. Christ died for the imperfect me, and I have so many defects but this one strength I pride in. Like a hopeless romantic, I’m the kind that hopes against hope. Even in situations that seem despairing, in one way or another, I still find myself hoping that things will be okay. The one thing that has kept me going is learning to tell myself when I wake up that today is gonna be better than yesterday. That it is another shot at life, an opportunity to step out and throw in another effort. That I’m closer to my breakthrough today than I was yesterday. And really, if you are in need of hope, then this article is for you.

One of the hardest places to be in this walk of life is the place where you feel like there’s no reward for your efforts and I talked about this in my article Life Is Fair. In Matthew 19:27, Apostle Peter is reasoning with Jesus. “We have left everything to follow you, what then will there be for us?” What’s in it for us? What shall our reward therefore be? You see, Peter understood that rewards are catalysts, rewards make us feel appreciated for our efforts, they motivate us to do more.

A Day at a Time

“What is the Lord saying to you in this moment?” Is a question I was asked this past week. And as I thought about it and reflected on this article, the word in my spirit was “a day at a time Tim, a day at a time”. Humanly speaking, we are control freaks. We love to be in the driver’s seat as far as life is concerned. We want to know in advance who we will love and how they will turn out to be ten years from now. We want to see a heartbreak ten miles away so that we can take care of it before it hits us in the face.

If there’s something I have learnt from this Covid-19 pandemic is that life is full of surprises and the truth of the matter is that we will never be fully prepared for everything. Today everyone is flying everywhere, tomorrow the entire world is on lockdown and we are forced to stay indoors all day and watch Netflix.

It Shall be Well

I don’t know what’s happened in your life, I don’t know where you are at in life, I don’t know if you are scared, I don’t know if you are in a quagmire, if you are broke, heartbroken, bereaved, struggling to make ends meet, I don’t know. This one thing I know, that no matter where you are at in life right now, if you are reading this, then this is for you. It will be well with you and not only that, you shall enjoy the fruits of your deeds. Listen, child, God is not a sadist that He will let you plant vineyards and not have enjoy them. Question is, have you put in the work?

No matter how bad and difficult it has been, you got to rise up and try one more time. God is going to open doors for you and when He does, seize the opportunity. Life will give you a second chance and when it does, don’t screw it up. Shoot your shot. Talking of shooting shots, I recently got a second chance at shooting my shot and it didn't come cheap. My friend Chelo was there to endorse and bless it but also reminded me what she was capable of doing if I messed up but that’s a story for another day.

What I need you to know right now is that you got to develop this attitude that says, if I’m still alive, it’s because God’s not yet done with me. The attitude that says, as long as I have breath in my lungs, I can try again. You are the righteousness of God, you are the one God is referring to when He says, “Go tell the righteous”. And I’m here tonight heeding to his voice to say to thee, that it shall be well with you. Say with me “It shall be well”. Do you know why? Because He who has promised is faithful.

Child of God; Tell The Righteous

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