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The Push

From time immemorial, men have been known to do something to win the love of a woman they love. The bride price was not just a herd of cattle and goats and sheep. It was an act of service. For David, King Saul demanded one hundred foreskins of the philistines (1 Samuel 18:25). The boy had to fight Israel’s fiercest enemies, cut their foreskins and bring them to his future father-in-law. Pause! A moment of silence for this guy. For Jacob, it was seven years working for Laban (Genesis 29) which ended up being fourteen years after he was given Leah instead of Rachael and he didn’t notice. I know right? I too still don’t get it to date but that’s a story for another day. It’s amazing how many took to these acts with a happy heart, for Jacob it is recorded that seven years seemed just like a few days to him because he loved the damsel.

Chief Okechi was revered and loved by many. He was an outstanding leader of the Abiriba kingdom. Chief, unlike his predecessors, was special. He had one wife and one daughter, the beautiful Bolaji. She was loved by the father and she knew it. You could tell by the way she carried herself with confidence unmatched. She left a cloud of aura when she passed escorted by her maids and the king’s security detail. Bolaji was fairest of all them all, she was breath-taking with beautiful iridescent eyes, her voice was harmonious, had she been a musician, her songs would have healed so many souls. Young men endeared themselves to the chief, winning his approval meant not only marrying Bolaji but by extension become an heir to Chief Okechi’s throne.

The Suitor

One day the chief called all the single men, potential suitors in the village. They gathered in their numbers by the chief’s pool. “Today I want to give my daughter to a very courageous man, a man who will jump into this pool and swim from end to end”. That seems so easy, right? But wait, there was a catch. The pool was infested with two crocodiles that the chief kept as pets. A commotion ensued; it was a little bit chaotic no one could figure out what was being said exactly. All of a sudden there was a thud in the pool, before anyone knew it, there were three living things in the pool. It happened so fast that the only thing anyone remembers was seeing Adebiyi coming out of the waters soaked wet. In disbelief everyone turned to him, he was the last person anyone expected to be coming out of the pool. “Who pushed me?” He asked angrily!

Next Level

See, no one makes it to the next level alone. No one makes it in this life without a push. We all need the push to make it to the finish line. David had Saul, Joshua had Moses, Joseph had his brothers, Timothy had Paul, Ruth had Naomi, for Jonah it was the guys in the boat who had to throw him into the sea, even Jesus in as much as He is the son of God had 12 disciples, among them men like Judas whom God used to ‘push’ him. For me, it was Miss Julie Newman who pushed me to write, way back when the only thing I knew to write was letters for boys in my school who wanted to impress their girlfriends. And this I did for the money but that again is a story for another day.

Everyone needs someone to push them to the next level because there is a potential in all of us that has never been tapped into that will only manifest when we have been given the push. Within us are giants that we know not of, there are songs unsung inside of us, books not yet written in us, TV talk shows not done, scientific experiments not tested, inventions not discovered and speeches not made. You know, you can never really tell how fast a double-size woman or man can run until a lion appears.

The thing about pushers is they can be really good and they can also be a pain in the neck. Some push you with a good intention, some push you with a bad one. Some push you so that you get out of their way and some push you to save themselves but regardless of how they are, it is the push that matters because God uses them to push us for our good. Embrace your pushers and after you’ve come out of the pool with crocodiles and married your beautiful Bolaji, remember to give someone else a push, only mean well as you push them because you know better!

Child of God, The Push.

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