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Time To Move

“Growth is uncomfortable” ~ Mercy Kiige

I had taken a long break from the gym. And in as much as I had taken to running in the forest every Saturday morning, I missed working out in the gym. Every other day there was this voice in my head, “go back to the gym” and when I couldn’t ignore the voice no more, I woke up one morning, put on my gear and off I went without giving myself time to re-think the decision. It was time to move.

Numbers 9:17 [BSB] Whenever the cloud was lifted from above the Tent, the Israelites would set out, and wherever the cloud settled, there the Israelites would camp. 18 At the LORD’s command the Israelites set out, and at the LORD’s command, they camped. As long as the cloud remained over the tabernacle, they remained encamped.

Called To Stand Out

I’m gonna say this here and now. God won’t start you on a journey that He knows not the end thereof. He always has an end in mind. In the same breath, God won’t bring a thing to an end unless He has something better in store. When He allows the brook to dry up, it is because He has some ravens on standby ready to dispatch the meat and the bread. When you are let go at your place of work it is because something else is up on God’s sleeve.

Listen, we have been called not to fit in but to stand out. We have been called to grow and to bear fruit. Remember how we started this article with that quote of how growth is uncomfortable? Yeah, it is painful too and it is personal. Growth demands sacrifices in life.  Sometimes growth will demand that you “left” some groups, sometimes you have to block some numbers. Sometimes like Abraham, life will demand that you make an audacious decision to leave some people behind because there are places in life that you can’t go with a crowd [Genesis 22:5].

The journey of faith is a call to obedience. How far we go in this walk of life is determined by how well we obey God’s instruction whether it makes sense or not. I would rather do it afraid than not do it because I was afraid. (Does that make sense?)

Psalm 56:3 But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.

Notice that David doesn’t say “if” I am afraid. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when because we are only human. And this life we are living, with the kind of “brethren” that we live with, it is difficult not to be afraid and that is okay. But it doesn’t end there though, in moments when you are afraid, won’t you put your trust in God? Won’t you count Him that promised faithful enough to carry you through the storm? And when you feel torn as sometimes will be the case, won’t you be of good cheer? For the sun will rise again. There are better days ahead and still, the sun will smile again.

Step Out Of The Way:

When the cloud lifts, it is time to move. When the son of man shows up, it won’t matter that you’ve been at that pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years, it is time to move. When Jesus shows up, it don’t matter that you have been working on that job for a long time and that you have no plan B, it is time to move. It don’t matter whether you are ready or not, when the cloud lifts, it is time to move.

The catastrophe of this walk of life is for the cloud to lift and we fail to move because we are comfortable where we are at. Imagine failing to move because you are afraid of venturing into the unknown yet you can choose to entrust the unknown into the hands of a known God. See, comfort zone is a comfortable yet stagnant place and nothing grows there but for a child of God moving should be normalized. We have to walk in step with God, be so in sync that when He moves, we move, questions asked later. [Hebrews 11:8]

You are where you are at for a purpose and for a season. When the purpose has been accomplished and the season is over, then it is time to move. Time to step out of God’s way and allow Him to carry out His purposes for the next phase of your life.

Child of God, Time To Move

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